Summer Bucket List

Well it’s official; I’ve finished my first year of college and summer is finally in full swing.  I made it through my freshman year being thrown into college life 6 hours away from home. While there were definitely some challenging times, I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything.  The lessons I learned this year will stick with me forever and my decision to attend this particular school feels absolutely validated. Somehow I have the feeling that there is a reason I chose this university and I can’t wait to see how I grow even more in the next three years.  

That being said, this summer has come just in time.  Having the freedom to step back, relax, and reorganize is exactly what I need.  As I reflect on what I want to accomplish this summer, here’s a bucket list of my top 10 summer goals and activities.  


  1. Organize my closet

Although this is an ongoing task on my to-do list, I always feel extra motivated to go through my entire closet at the beginning of summer.  Whether it’s your closet or another cluttered area of your life, take some time to sit down and organize. P.S., if you’re organizing your closet consider selling or donating unwanted clothes and accessories.    

  1. Have a tech free day

More and more I catch myself using my phone way more often than I should.  It’s the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at before I go to sleep.  I have done a tech free day on a trip and it’s surprising what a difference it makes. Without a screen to worry about, I was more in tune with the experiences I was having on the trip and I want to try this in my daily life.  What am I missing in my daily life when I’m checking my phone 24/7?

  1. Go on a sunrise hike

I’ve never been a natural morning person but I would love to become one.  The days that I get up early for class or work, I feel productive and calm before I  even start my day. With my love of nature and my hope of becoming a morning person, a beautiful sunrise hike sounds perfect.

  1. Try new recipes

Here’s a secret: I love cooking and baking.  Living in the dorms this past year limited my amount of cooking opportunities but now that I am home for the summer with a full kitchen, I can’t wait to get back to cooking! Although I have my reliable favorite dishes, I want to actually get around to trying some of those Pinterest recipes that I add to my board everyday.

  1. Get back to reading

When I was younger, reading was one of my favorite things to do.  All year round you could catch me reading a new book and wanting to go to a bookstore to get more.  I have books on my shelves that I haven’t even read yet and this is the summer I want to rediscover my love of reading.  I read throughout the year for my english classes but there’s something special about hand picking a book from a bookstore and finally getting to read it on a lovely summer afternoon.

  1. Attend festivals, fairs, and farmers markets

There’s nothing more summery than going to a festival, fair, or farmers market.  Even if I’ve never previously heard of the festival I want to look into events that I can go to with my friends and family.  Some of my favorites have been Eastern Market in Detroit, Michigan and the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan.

  1. Establish a blogging schedule

This is a big one! When I first started my blog I religiously posted every Friday at 10am EST but as college and work became more stressful, I fell out of routine.  Now that I have some free time, establishing an attainable blogging schedule is at the top of my to-do list. Right now I am thinking of going back to once a week on Fridays.  Any suggestions?

  1. Day at the beach

Growing up, I was an absolute water baby (aka I basically wanted to swim 24/7).  As I’ve gotten older I am still comforted by the familiar vibe of the water and beach.  Whether it’s swimming, laying in the sun, or having a picnic, head to the beach for a chill day with friends and family.

  1. Sleep under the stars

For some reason the past few years I have really been wanting to go camping.  There’s something intriguing about sleeping under the stars with nothing to jumble your thoughts but a crackling fire.  I know “full-on” camping isn’t possible for everyone but try bringing some sleeping bags in the backyard and using that fire pit, or the handy microwave, to make some yummy s’mores.  

  1.  Smile more and relax

*Cue the cheesy happiness final bullet point*  Although it’s cheesy, it’s one of the most important suggestions on this bucket list.  We’ve gotten through the dark and cold days of winter and it’s time to appreciate the summertime!  Take some time to relax, breathe, and recover from the busy year behind you.



  1. I keep meaning to make a bucket list, they just seem so fun! It looks like you have some awesome stuff too, I hope you get to check them all off!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally get that, it seems so hard to not reach for my phone as soon as I wake up in the morning. I hope you get to do it someday though! Thank you! ☺️☺️


  2. Love the idea of a summer bucket list! I really want to give a tech free day a go but I just don’t think I would be able to manage. I’m addicted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I totally understand, it seems so hard to stay off social media for an entire day but when I did it on a trip it definitely got easier as the day went on 🙂


    • Thank you!! ☺️ and yes exactly!! I used to be on the go 24/7 in the summer and this summer it’s been really nice reminding myself to relax too

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved this post and points in you list, especially about reading since I also haven’t read anything for entertainment in a while! Definitely need to make a bucket list of my own as summer holidays will begin soon

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely! Reading for simple entertainment is great and I can’t wait to get back to that. Thank you so much and good luck on your bucket list!


    • Thank you so much!! And yes! It’s so fun to make a summer bucket list and write out your goals for the summer 🙂


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