Winter Essentials 2018

Throughout the winter I have been trying a ton of new products across the field and I’m super excited to share the five products that I now swear by.  From my favorite hand cream to my favorite coffee topping, here are my winter essentials 2018!

  1. L’Occitante and Bath & Body Works Hand Cream

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The cold and dry winter air always makes my hands extremely dry and cracked.  This year I have found two incredible hand creams that have made my life so much better.  The first is by a French company called L’Occitane en Provence and the product is their dry skin hand crème.  The crème is 20% shea butter and is great for targeting specific areas such as your knuckles.  The second is Bath & Body Works’ pocket sized shea butter hand cream.  Bath and Body Works is an oldie but a goodie.  I purchased ‘sorry I’m latte’ and it’s a lovely vanilla scent.  This is a great cream to keep in your purse or backpack for on-the-go crises.

  1. Yogi Healthy Skin Tea

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I have always been a huge tea fan and I love trying new teas all year round.  The Yogi brand tends to have a large variety of teas so I decided to try a new one.  I went for the cinnamon vanilla healthy skin tea and I was not disappointed.  The cinnamon vanilla flavor is amazing and the fact that it supports healthy skin is an added bonus.  Whether you’re a traditional tea lover or haven’t found the tea for you, I would highly recommend trying this Yogi flavor.

  1. Emergen-C

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In past years, I’ve heard people rave about Emergen-C and how effective it is but this was the first year that I actually tried it myself.  I can honestly tell you, I now swear by this.  Being in my first year of college, there are sick students around me 24/7.  Throughout the winter I mix one packet of Emergen-C in my water bottle every other day and if I come in contact with someone that’s sick, I do a packet a day for about 3 days.  So far, I’ve managed to dodge the flu or any sicknesses this season.  (If the powered packets aren’t your thing, gummies and tablets are also available)

  1. Clinique Moisturizer


Although I moisturize every other day for the rest of the year, my skin tends to feel drier in the winter and I moisturize every night after I wash my face and do the rest of my nighttime routine.  I have tried a ton of different moisturizers to find the best one for my skin and my favorite has been Clinique’s moisturizing gel.  It leaves my skin feeling hydrated while not leaving behind a heavy weight.  Also, it has a fresh lemony scent which is incredible.

  1. Jordan’s Skinny Syrup Foam Topping

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While I am a tea lover, I am also a huge coffee drinker.  The vanilla latte from Starbucks is my go-to drink but I wanted to find a way to make a quicker and cheaper version at home.  Just recently, I found a french vanilla whipped foam topping from the brand Jordan’s Skinny Syrups.  I add this topping on top of a black cup of coffee and it tastes exactly like a vanilla latte for much cheaper.  Also, the topping is 0 calories and has 0 grams of sugar which is a great added bonus.  Sipping my cup of coffee with this topping is a perfect cozy way to start my winter mornings.

Do you have any winter essentials for this year? Comment below and give the blog a follow so you’ll never miss a new post! 



  1. I definitely need this Vitamin C supplements in my life! Love L’Occitane hand cream it’s a life savior! My winter essential this year is a lip balm (especially Carmex) because my lips tend to become super dry and chapped. Great post!

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