European Adventure

Everyone says Europe is magical.  The culture is inspiring.  The architecture is breathtaking.  The food is incredible.  I never knew how true these statements were until I had the opportunity to visit four amazing European countries this past summer.

For just over two weeks, I traveled to Italy, Spain, and parts of France and the U.K.  It was my first time to mainland Europe and one of the most incredible trips I have ever taken.  We started in Rome for three days and then boarded a cruise ship that took us along the coast for the next two weeks.  It is impossible to see these countries in their entirety in two weeks but we spent every moment making the most of the short time we had.

While it would be impossible to explain all of the incredible memories I made on this trip, here are a few of my favorites….

– Eating an early morning breakfast on a rooftop garden in Rome

– Listening to church bells rings while in the Roman Forum

– Sipping a cappuccino while watching the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea

– Exploring the famous flower market in Nice

– Stumbling upon a silent disco pool party

– Walking alongside the wild monkey population in Gibraltar

– Eating tapas in Barcelona

– Relaxing on a beach in Ibiza

Does anyone else have a travel memory that gives you goosebumps? Comment below and make sure to follow the blog for new post updates!






  1. It’s so interesting to see Europe from an outside perspective! Growing up smack in the middle of it all, I never perceived it as “one culture” or something magical – though after seeing your super pretty pictures, I get it! 🙂 Your trip sounds amazing!

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    • I absolutely understand that, I feel the same about America when people talk about their visits. Thank you so much!! 💫


  2. Awesome! I loved Rome, one of my favourites in Europe! Talking goosebumps though . . . Standing in the middle of a never-ending road leading to Death Valley, California. Hadn’t seen another car for about 3 hours! Scary but so exciting at the same time!

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